What’s New in StoryServer

  • Unreleased - Work-In-Progress

    Latest Version - v0.90.140 - Preview 13

    Development Diary 13 - 2019 Jan 19

    Fixed Help > Updates to install latest version

    Added Sub-menus for various menus.

    Added PathFinding Menu

    changed Documentation updates - added more entries

    changed Changed various articles

    Added Unique multiple toolbar system

    Changed Everything changed

  • Preview 12

    released on 2018 Dec 5

    Changed One Pane Grid fixes

    Added Column Widths fixes

  • Preview 11

    released on 2018 Nov 29

    Added MyPhoneExplorer

    Added Folder Types

    Added Cloud API Keys

    Added Phone and Forms

    Added Calendar

  • Preview 10

    released on 2018 Nov 21

    Added Email

    Added New Templates

    Added Alarms

    Added Find Menus

    Added Visual IDE

    Added Paper View

    Added Folder Properties

    Added Validation

    Added Gantt View

  • Preview 9

    released on 2018 Nov 11

    Added OSX Porting

    Added Embedded Lua

    Added Google and Apple Sync

    Added On-Line Documentation first version

    Added Android, iOS, PS4, XBOX, Linux Switch experiments

    Added Calendar and Phonebook Options.

  • Preview 8

    released on 2018 Nov 3

    Added Form System

    Added Transparency

    Added New Sort

    Added Choose Folders

    Added New Sums and Insert Columns

  • Preview 7

    released on 2018 Oct 28

    Added Triple Windows

    Added Named Filters

    Added Outline Labels

    Added Finder

    Added Importer

    Added Color Chooser updates

    Added Printer

    Added Text Touch-ups

    Added Notepad System

    Added Menus

  • Preview 6

    released on 2018 Sept 21

    Added Unset CapLock

    Added Space to Dash

    Added External Graphics

    Added StatusBar Time

    Added File > New Settings.

    Added Item Levels and Find.

    Added Alarms

  • Preview 5

    released on 2018 Sept 5

    Added One-Pane Unicode Support

    Added Bookmark System

    Added Unicode DDE

  • Preview 4

    released on 2018 Sept 4

    Added Color Customization

    Added Sorted View

    Added Notepads hotkeys.

  • Preview 3

    released on 2018 Sept 3

    Added Power Tools — Show Tray

    Added Registry-Free and Automatic USB Mode

  • Preview 2

    released on 2018 Sept 2

    Added Tools > Options

    Added Power Tools — Tray

    Added Keys Lock

    Added External Graphics

    Added Favorites and Distraction-Free

    Added Customization

  • Preview 1

    released on 2018 Aug 24

    Added One-Pane Grid

    Added Initial database

    Added Initial menu-system

  • Build #2500 later...

    released on 2018 Apr 2

    Found One-Pane Algorithm

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