On this page, you’ll learn:

  • How to create a new file

  • How to create a file based on an existing template.

  • How to create a file by importing an EccoPro file.

File New Basics

Create a new file. There are three ways:

File > New Story Database

This menu-option will create a new file, from the file 'default.plt'.

This file is present in C:\Program Files\PolywickStudio\StoryServer\default.plt and is usually read-only. To change this default file, please see File > New Template > Default.

File > Manage Templates

To create a new file based on a template, select the menu option Manage Templates.

How it works.

  1. The list of documents is driven by 'List'

  2. The 'List' page contains the list of sub-directories.

Page 1 - List of Documents

Figure 1. Template, page 2
  1. Select a template.

  2. Close this dialog box.

There are two default File > New -

New Default Template New Empty Template


New Default Template

New Empty Template


New Default Template is the usual new file.

Empty file is a totally empty file, with no Calendar, no PhoneBook.


Default Calendar and Phonebook



Default EccoExt folders


Change Filename?

You can set default filename using tab #3

Loads empty file (embedded inside App)

Which choice is right for me?

  • Use 'New Default Template' as for most or all File > New requirements.

  • Use 'New Empty' if you want to author a custom-made file for redistribution, advanced-usage and/or

Page 2 - List

Figure 2. Template, page 1
  1. Move the Template Directory Entry Up.

  2. Move the Template Directory Entry Down.

  3. Add a Template Directory Entry.

  4. Remove a Template Entry.

  5. Move the Ignored Filename Entry Up.

  6. Move the Ignored Filename Entry Down.

  7. Add a Ignored Filename Entry.

  8. Remove a Ignored Filename.

There are two lists which controls the filenames in Tab 1 - Templates

Top List - Template

The list of folders to search for *.PLT files

There are 2 options:

  • Sort Ascending or Descending

  • Search for sub-directories

Bottom List - Ignore

Ignore the names of files which contains the specified names.

Page 3 - Default Settings

Figure 3. Template, page 3

This allows you to set a filename for the default template.

  1. Default filename.

  2. Calculated filename.

  3. Reset to default filename.

  4. Compute the filename.