StoryServer Developer Resources

On this page, you’ll learn:

  • What developer resources are available

  • What development languages are supported and resources available.

These are developer resources. For end-user resources, see third-party-apps.

The below are resources are specific to EccoPro. The links are provided as a service to readers of this help site.
Only the source-code examples works with StoryServer. The third-party add-ons meant for EccoPro will not work, unless DOLPHIN support is enabled. Sometimes, 'integration support' means the same functionality is built-into StoryServer, thus, meaning that, you, the reader, will be pleasantly surprised to find similar functionality in StoryServer.

EccoPro Yahoo groups

The famous Yahoo groups. You can post your questions on this YahooGroup forum and it’ll get answered by the EccoPro community.

EccoPro Developer Resources

EccoMagic forums. In this forum you will find various tools and utilities that were made for EccoPro. They will not work with StoryServer.

For Python

For Python, there is extensive support for DDE and source-code examples. Many of them work with StoryServer.

For Perl

For Perl, the below are general resources how to use EccoPro DDE.

For AutoHotKey (AHK)