Third-Party Apps

On this page, you’ll learn:

  • Meaning of first-party, second and third-party.

  • What is an App, Script and Document.

  • Popular Apps StoryServer integrations with.

  • How to use StoryServer with those apps.

  • Get things done faster with StoryServer.

These are end-user resources. For developer resources, see: Developer Resources.

A third-party is an application who may be indirectly involved but is not a principal application. [1]

What is an app, script and document?

An app is short-form for application which an end-user can run without any intervention. This is usually feature-complete.

A script is a macro, or piece of texts which invokes commands or instructions in StoryServer.

A document is what is produced by using an App. This is an end-user activity. Two apps can be complementary to each other. StoryServer strives to integrate with many third-party apps so customers can quickly get their work done.

Cross-Platform Software

Purpose: Run StoryServer on macOS.

Email Software

Purpose: Email an exported file, or StoryServer to another person.

These applications are supported in File > Email.

File Archivers

Purpose: Archive or restore an archive containing StoryServer files, or other files.

Mind Mapping tool

Purpose: Create a mind-map.

Synchronization Software

Purpose: Synchronize with Android-based Phones or Outlook.

Word Processors

Purpose: Create letters or documents.

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