Calendar Menu & View

On this page, you’ll learn:

  • Date-specific tasks

Figure 1. Calendar Menu
Menu Item Menu Shortcut Hotkey

1. Add Appt Item…​

Alt+C, A

2. Add Multi-day Item…​

Alt+C, M

3. Add Tickler…​

Alt+C, T

4. Add Group Meeting…​

Alt+C, G

5. External and Group Calendars…​

Alt+C, C

6. Add Related Dates…​

Alt+C, R

7. Show Related Dates…​

Alt+C, E

8. Time, Date, Alarm, etc…​

Alt+C, D

9. See all Recurring Notes…​

Alt+C, L

10. Add Outline

Alt+C, O


13. Show Tickler On Top

Alt+C, K

14. Holidays…​

Alt+C, I

15. Use with PhoneBook

Alt+C, P

Calendar SideBar

Menu Item Menu Shortcut Hotkey

11. No Sidebar



Calendar Navigation

Menu Item Menu Shortcut Hotkey

12. Navigation

Alt+C, N

16. Goto Date

Alt+C, N, G


17. Next Day

Alt+C, N, N


18. Previous Day

Alt+C, N, P


19. Next Month

Alt+C, N, E


20. Previous Year

Alt+C, N, V


21. Next Year

Alt+C, N, X


22. Preview Month

Alt+C, N, R


For Calendar, Day of Week and Tickler settings see File Properties

If you right-click on a column, depending on field-type, there is an extended Column Editor.

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