Other Questions

On this page, you’ll learn:

  • Why this had to be made ground-up.

  • Other business models.

Licensing and Supporting EccoPro

Do customers want a supported version of EccoPro?

Probably not. Prior history suggests that CompuSol business model isn’t a good idea [1] [2].

Supporting Ecco-Pro means Polywick Studio will have to buy the source-code to EccoPro, EccoExt, then spend lots of time upgrading.

This also includes obtaining the sources to certain "16-bit not-working" DLLs and "32-bit somewhat-working" third-party DLLs and data-files that CompuSol previously distributed without compensation.

This would a nightmare in terms of royalty-collection and redistribution.

This is step-sided, by re-building all from scratch and using 64-bit data-structures, Unicode along with open-access via Json, DDE.

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