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General Issues

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Why does Lexus Nexus Time-Matters Time Billing stop working when using StoryServer?

StoryServer may cause LexusNexus® Time Matters to hang in certain situations.

Please check the option "Enable Compatbility when LexusNexus® TimeMatters® is used *" in StoryBoard > Options.

To enable manually, see [--notaskbar] option in Command-Line Parameters.

Why are there no menu sounds present in StoryServer?

When using a mouse with StoryServer, menus don’t trigger any menu sounds.

If you need Menu-sounds to be heard, please check the option "Play sound on Menus *" in StoryBoard > Options.

This is unchecked by default, so no menu-sound played when mouse-over or mouse-click on the menus.

How do I import EccoPro Files in macOS and in Linux?

Is it not possible to import EccoPro files in macOS or in Linux. Please use Windows. Please see File > Import EccoPro…​ for how to import Ecco-Pro files.

Can you move a locked PLW file?

Files are locked when opened on StoryServer.

You need to close the file in StoryServer first before moving the file.

What is a PLW, PLWT file?

Please see File-Extensions.

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