• XTNDConnect is installed on your computer.

On this page you’ll learn:

  • How to use XTND with StoryServer.

  • What is XTNDConnect.

  • Which version of XTNDConnect to use.

  • How to ensure synchronization is correct via enable logging.

  • How to setup XTND with EccoPro options, which StoryServer can use.

  • How to solve XTND hangs.

What is XTNDConnect?

XNTD or "XNXT Connect" was developed by Extended Systems Inc. Founded in 1984, Extended Systems was acquired by Sybase Inc in 2005. Sybase was acquired by SAP in 2010; SAP ceased using the Sybase name in 2014.

XTNDConnect is a Outlook ←→ EccoPro synchronization software. StoryServer exposes a DDE API to sync with XTNDConnect.

Which version of XTNDConnect should I use?

  • You should use XTNDConnect v4.xx, XTNDConnect v5.xx.

  • On XTNDConnect v6.xx and XTNDConnect v7.xx, EccoPro synchronization was discontinued.

  • XTNDConnect was brought over by Sybase and later Sybase was acquired by SAP. It was later discontinued.

DDE Diagnostics

If you enable DDE Logging in StoryServer, you will be able to see DDE messages XTND sends to StoryServer.

Figure 1. XTNDConnect - 1

If you enable XTND logging you will be able to see what XTND error messages.

Figure 2. XTNDConnect - 2

XTND Setup

In this section you’ll learn how to install XTNDConnect to use with StoryServer.

Setup XTND - Page 1

Figure 3. XTNDConnect - 3
  1. Enable "NetMange EccoPro 4.0"

Setup XTND - Page 2

Figure 4. XTNDConnect - 4
  1. Enable "NetMange EccoPro 4.0"

Setup XTND - Page 3

Figure 5. XTNDConnect - 5
  1. Select "NetMange EccoPro 4.0"

XTND Frequently Asked Questions

XTNDConnect hangs with StoryServer.

Please ensure Dolphin is enabled.

Why would I use XTND instead of MyPhoneExplorer?

It depends on preference. Some people use MyPhoneExplorer, others use XTND.

Where can I find XTND now this software is discontinued?

Please buy an old phone that comes bundled with XTND.

Last updated: 2019 Jan 19th 05:08:06