Cross Over

Before installation, ensure your Mac computer meet system requirements.
StoryServer uses SF Font. For Mac users who have not upgraded to macOS 10.14: Mojave (Liberty), please obtain SF Font and install prior to usage.

On this page you’ll learn:

  • How to install StoryServer

  • How to run StoryServer

Figure 1. StoryServer running on macOS using CrossOver

macOS - Installation Steps


graph TD A[Installing on macOS]-->B(Install CrossOver version )


  1. Prior to downloading, install CrossOver.

  2. Download the StoryServer DMG file from Website.

  3. Drag and Drop StoryServer.App to Applications folder.

  4. Make sure CrossOver pre-requisites are installed.

    • Windows XP Bottle

    • GDI+

    • San Francisco Font, if not using macOS Mojave.

macOS - Launching

  1. Launch StoryServer from macOS’s Applications Directory.

  2. Start StoryServer.

Figure 2. macOS
macOS Support is alpha. Please report issues/version if you find any issues.

Last updated: 2019 Jan 19th 05:08:06