Introduction to StoryServer

On this page you’ll learn:

  • What is StoryServer?

  • How StoryServer is built on a modern and solid 64-bit foundation

  • Which advanced features are built-in?

  • Individuals and teams use StoryServer for …

  • Modeled on a classic

What is StoryServer?

StoryServer™ by Polywick is a sync-able, extensible one-pane outliner, information manager and scheduling tool.

StoryServer features include an integrated Calendar with Tickler, Phonebook, multiple Notepads with Gantt chart and built-in Lua.

All functions tie to a multi-mode relational database and are presented in a fast, intuitive and fun-to-use interface.

Built on a modern & solid 64-bit foundation

StoryServer has been written ground-up with state-of-the-art database, encryption and networking technologies.

StoryServer’s database uses 64-bit item, folder, column and notepad ID’s, yielding virtually unlimited (9,223,372,036,854,775,807) data slots per ID and a calendar good to the year 4000 AD.

StoryServer uses public-key encryption system.

StoryServer’s uses its own server system.

Which Advanced features built-in?

StoryServer can Import and Export to CSV, RTF, MarkDown, HTML and PDF.

StoryServer is extensible with Lua scripting and EccoExt rules.

StoryServer includes an integrated Lua development environment.

StoryServer’s ‘Dolphin DDE’ exchanges data with Android app MyPhoneExplorer, mind-mapping software Freemind and 1990s “super-PIM” (personal information manager) EccoPro.

Individuals & teams use StoryServer for …

Inventory procurement and control (industry)

Production planning and execution (industry)

Writing, running and producing (media)

Scheduling, form-filling and note-keeping (legal and medical)

Research and writing (science and industry)

Planning and execution (events)

Record keeping (libraries and archives)

Productivity via GTD & Kanban

Modeled on a classic

StoryServer is a 64-bit recreation of a 1990s classic - the 16/32-bit “super-PIM” EccoPro.

StoryServer has many new and forward-looking features that go well beyond EccoPro, but for compatibility StoryServer has also accurately replicated all of EccoPro’s (and 3rd party add-ons) functions.

EccoPro users can directly import data into StoryServer and begin working - without EccoPro’s memory limitations or an extended learning curve.

All data exportable/importable to, and from StoryServer. Customizations such as Lua, EccoExt rules, filters, text formatting and colorizations require manual re-programming.

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