Import from EccoPro

On this page, you’ll learn:

  • How to import from EccoPro.

  • Common-work-arounds to problems you, the reader, may encounter.

  • Limitations of importing from EccoPro. What to expect.


To export data to EccoPro, see Database, Export.
This option is only available for the Windows-platform.
Please ensure that EccoPro is started and the file you wish to import is open.
Import from EccoPro only imports Calendar, PhoneBook, Notepads, Folders and Items.
It does not import formatting, Lua scripts, auto-assign rules, text-touchups, forms, launch-menu items, locked/unlocked 'item' status.


Figure 1. File > Import
  1. Cancel or Close the dialog box

  2. Import from EccoPro

  3. If you right-click on the Memo, it will show a popup-menu allowing you to Clear or Copy the log notices.

When you right-click on the memo log, a pop-up menu appears.

Figure 2. File > Import
  1. Clear the memo-log.

  2. Copy the contents of the memo-log to clipboard.

    1. After clicking Import, the importing might take a few minutes.

    2. Buttons Import and Close are disabled while importing is in progress.

Figure 3. File > Import

  1. Click Close to close the Import window.

  2. After importing, a message will be shown to close the window.

Figure 4. File > Import


  1. If you did not start EccoPro, you will receive an error message to start EccoPro.

Figure 5. File > Import