StoryBoard Menu

On this page, you’ll learn:

  • How to storyboard and conceptualize your ideas in writing.

StoryBoard Toolbar

See: Pointer for details/pointer-interface)_

Figure 1. Menu
Menu Item Menu Shortcut Hotkey Comment

1. Toolbar

Alt+B, T


2. Hide Toolbars

Alt+B, T, T

Show or Hide the StoryServer Toolbars

3. Status Bar

Alt+B, T, S

Show or Hide the Status Bars/status-bar-menus).

4. Hide Menubar

Alt+B, T, M

Show or Hide the Menusbars. See Tray Options/tray-options) to enable menus if Hidden.

5. Toolbars…​

Alt+B, T, O

Configure Toolbar Menu).

6. Alpha Trackbar

Alt+B, T, A

Show or Hide the Alphatracker.

7. Full Screen

Alt+B, T, F

Enable full-screen distraction-free mode Full Screen).

Story Launch

Figure 2. Menu
Menu Item Menu Shortcut Hotkey

1. Launch…​

Alt+B, L

2. Add File to Item

Alt+B, L, I

3. Add File to Menu

Alt+B, L, M

4. Manage Launch Menu…​

Alt+B, L, U

5. Launch Current Item

Alt+B, L, C

6. Open Current Filename in Explorer

Alt+B, L, O


Figure 3. Menu
Menu Item Menu Shortcut Hotkey

1. Story Scripts

Alt+B, R

2. Manage Global and Embedded Scripts

Alt+B, R, M

3. StoryBoard and Script Editor…​

Alt+B, S

4. Machine Variables and Startup Machine

Alt+B, V

Story StoryBoard

Figure 4. Menu
Menu Item Menu Shortcut Hotkey

1. Workflow

Alt+B, W

2. Print Preview Current Notebook…​

Alt+B, P


3. Mail Merge…​

Alt+B, G

4. Options

Alt+B, O