How to order and how to enter unlock code

On this page, you’ll learn:

  • Various ways to order StoryServer. StoryServer comes built-in with instructions how to order.

  • How to unlock this product.

  • Various editions of this product and differences.

An unlock code is also known as serial-number, serial or activation code.

After pressing Alt+H,O the How to Order dialog shows. This shows various methods how to order this product.

  • Tab 1 - Learn More about direct ordering

  • Tab 2 - Instructions how to order by internet

  • Tab 3 - Instructions how to order by phone

  • Tab 4 - Instructions how to order by mail or fax.

Tab 1

Figure 1. Help Ordering
  1. Tab 1 - Learn about direct-ordering.

  2. Tab 2 - Order by Internet

  3. Close this dialog box.

Tab 2

Order 2
Figure 2. Help Order
  1. Click to view purchase options on-line.

  2. Close this dialog box.

How to enter unlock code

After you order, an unlock code will be sent to your email address. Enter the unlock code in the dialog below.

Figure 3. Help Order
  1. Enter the serial.

  2. Manually activate StoryServer.

  3. Deactivate this product.

  4. Request for technical support. (See also: Contact Us)

  5. Go to On-line shopping cart.

  6. Get more information on purchasing…​

StoryServer Editions

StoryServer comes in three editions:

Free Community Edition Indy Version Enterprise Edition


Community Support

Email Support

Phone Call, Call-back


Expires every 2 months

Does not expire. Use Help

Update to update to latest.



Multi-user via Server-based.

Additional support for SSO, server-based deployment.

Terminal Services


Desktop based

Ability to remotely access StoryServer via HTML5 interface add-on.



Google, Apple, Microsoft connectors

Google, Apple, Microsoft, Telegram, Facebook for Work connectors for multiple users.





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