File Menu

On this page, you’ll learn:

  • various ways to create, open, save, archive, compact StoryServer documents.

  • manage the MRU and favorites list.

  • synchronize between different StoryServer documents.

File New

File Menu
Figure 1. File Menu
Menu Item Menu Shortcut Hotkey Comments

1. New

Alt+F, N


2. New StoryServer Database

Alt+F, N, N


3. Manage Templates…​

Alt+F, N, M


4. Import from EccoPro…​

Alt+F, N, I

File Open

Menu Item Menu Shortcut Hotkey Comments

5. Open…​

Alt+F, O


8. Save

Alt+F, S


9. Save As…​

Alt+F, A

10. Save All

Alt+F, V

13. Email…​

Alt+F, E

14. Close

Alt+F, C

Closes the current file. To change files see Windows-Menu.

15. Exit

Alt+F, X


For Print, see the StoryBoard Menu.

File Recent

Menu Item Menu Shortcut Hotkey

6. Open Recent

Alt+F, T


Alt+F, T, M

Open MRU as Read-Only

Alt+F, T, O

7. Open Favorites

Alt+F, F

Promote Current File to Favorite

Alt+F, F, F

Open Favorite as Read-Only

Alt+F, F, O

File Properties

Menu Item Menu Shortcut Hotkey

8. Properties

Alt+F, I


Alt+F, I, I

Toggle Read-only

Alt+F, I, T

Switch User…​

Alt+F, I, S

Users, Groups and Login…​

Alt+F, I, U

Printer Setup…​/storyboard-print

Alt+F, I, U

Cloud API Access…​

Alt+F, I, C

File Database

Menu Item Menu Shortcut Hotkey

12. Database

Alt+F, D


Alt+F, D, I


Alt+F, D, E

Memory Info

Alt+F, I, M

Archive and Compact…​

Alt+F, D, A


Alt+F, D, S

File Sync

Menu Item Menu Shortcut Hotkey

Compare Stories…​

Alt+F, Y, M