Find Menus and Shortcut Keys

On this page, you’ll learn:

  • How to find labels and hotkeys

  • How to set hotkeys

You can change the shortcut keys in this dialog.

The Find Menus and Shortcut is an interactive dialog which allows you to find the appropriate menu-command, similar to Help > Find in Autodesk™ Maya™, 3DMax™ and in AutoCAD™.

Find Menus Overview

Figure 1. Find Menu

The UI is divided into four parts

  1. Search area.

  2. Configure hotkeys

  3. Set or Reset hotkeys.

  4. Close this dialog.

  5. List of Hotkeys.

How to find hotkeys

Figure 2. Find Menu
  1. Type letters or word to the search box. Example, "data" is entered.

  2. The menus in the list will filter.

  3. Pressing the Find will filter the list, if needed.

Find Filter - Filter by Shortcut.

This will filter the menu list by Shortcut keys.

Figure 3. Find Menu
  1. Notice when Filter by Shortcut is selected, 2 only menus with hotkeys are shown.

Find Filter - Filter by No Shortcuts.

This will filter the menus without any shortcut keys.

  1. Notice when Filter by No Shortcuts is selected, 2 only menus without hotkeys are shown.

Figure 4. Find Menu

Find Filter - Case Sensitive - Step 1

Figure 5. Find Menu
  1. When the Case-sensitive checkbox is checked (see 2) [x], the list of menus (3) are filtered by case-sensitivity.

Find Filter - Case Sensitive - Step 2

Figure 6. Find Menu
  1. When "data" is entered, it matches no menu-items. Thus, it returns a blank menu items list.

In order to clear the filter, press the clear button.

Set hotkeys

Figure 7. Find Menu
  1. In order to set a hotkey, you must select a menu-item.

  2. The hotkey will appear. Press the hotkey in the edit box.

  3. Click Apply to set the hotkey.

  4. Click Reset to return the hotkey to it’s original settings.

Figure 8. Keyboard conflict