Help Menu

On this page, you’ll learn:

  • What features are in the help menu.

  • How to order this product

  • How to enter an unlock code to remove trial restrictions.

  • How to get detailed diagnostics.

  • How to obtain product version and vendor contact details.


Help requires on-line access to the StoryServer documentation website
You can assign custom hotkeys using Find Menus and Shortcuts. The below lists down the default hotkeys.
Help Menu
Figure 1. Help Menu
Menu Item Menu Shortcut Hotkey Comments

1. Contents and Search

Alt+H, C

Goes to StoryServer documentation website.

2. Find Menu and Shortcuts…​

Alt+H, F

Display a list of Shortcut Keys. For instructions for usage, see: Find Shortcuts).

3. Menu Help

Alt+H, M


Menu Help – Changes cursor to '?' and redirects you to the UI’s help.

4. Help on this GUI Screen

Alt+H, H


Displays help how to use this UI.

5. How to Order…​

Alt+H, O

How to order StoryServer.

6. Enter unlock code…​

Alt+H, R

Enter an unlock code

7. Check for new updates…​

Alt+H, U


8. Diagnostics

Alt+H, D

Diagnostics Submenu.

9. About…​

Alt+H, A

Displays information about StoryServer.

10. Bug Reporter…​

Alt+H, D, B

Bug Reporter

11. Launch DirectX Diagnostics Tool…​

Alt+H, D, D


12. StoryServer Configuration, Diagnostic and Uninstall Wizard…​

Alt+H, D, S

StoryServer Configuration, Diagnostics, and Uninstall Wizard.

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