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Glossary of EccoPro and EccoExt terms

Regex Expressions

( )

  • use to group expression

  • used to contain function parameters

  • in patterns used to show terms to be matched


  • means the first Regex subexp


  • means use the whole match string


  • means the nth subexp string

  • there may be more than one subexpression extracted and each extraction is numbered accordingly

  • i.e. ireplace(ITT,"(w?)(\d{2})(\d{3})", "H:\20$2\$3\")

definitions above do not match example - see discussion on this page -


  • means the value of the item in the current folder

  • @ prefix references the dependent item folder value

  • ^ prefex references the parent item folder value

  • For Example:

    • [Done] uses the value of the Done folder;

    • [@Done] uses the value in the dependent item Done folder; and

    • [^Done] uses the value in the parent item Done folder.

EccoExt specific Functions


  • Item folder count

  • Returns the number of folders associated with the current item


  • returns the number of the child level

  • ITL=1 is the first level child item (SLI) (this item)

    • ITL=2 is the second level child item (SLI) (this item)


  • means Item Text

  • Returns the contents of the item text for use in expressions


  • means Item Type


  • means Parent Item Text

  • Returns the item text of the nearest parent to the currently selected item

  • returns a null value for all TLI


  • means if there is child or sub child folder set


  • sub level item


  • Top Level Item in any notepad

Auto Assign Rules

Auto Assign rules take on the general form:

  • ++:/*flag/:/expression/:/condition/*



++:!:"Skip": [Value] < 10**


(or when when the Expression or value will be applied)

The condition may also be an Expression however the result will be either true or false. If the Condition is true then the calculated value will be applied if false then it will be left blank or empty. There are some special rules that can be applied to the condition over and above the functions that are included in the expression. +:::SBF
Check the assigned folder to see if any of its subfolder(s) is(are) checked. The current folder item will be checked, set true, if the condition is true otherwise no change.

If the Item Text contains the string 'hello' the assigned folder will be checked, set true, and if not, the folder will be unchecked.

+::[Done]:[Done] && ITT ~~= 'hello'
Set folder value to value if the item text contains string 'hello' ( It can be used as conditional Merge Column Value)

*ITT ~= 'hello' && *
Item text has the string 'hello and the folder Done is set

ITP~=1 && '20070101'
Item type is text (1) and folder Done is '20070101'


Special RegEx operators


  • not operator

  • do not confuse this with the flag usage of the symbol. See [Rules](Auto Assign Rules.adoc) for its appliaction in flags.


  • Regex equal ignore case


  • Regexp include string


  • Regexp include string ignore case

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