On this page, you’ll learn:

  • Kinds of deployment (or installation methods).

  • What are the suitable deployment types.

macOS Installation

OSX and macOS are used interchangeably.

macOS Installation is straight forward. How to install StoryServer for macOS


graph TD A[Installing on macOS]-->B(CrossOver version )


Windows Installation

In Windows Installation, there are two kinds of installation techniques, manual and silent installation.

Manual Installation

In Manual installation, this method of installation is good for users who are using StoryServer on their personal computers, or have limited Administrator rights on their computer, or want to create a USB version to use on many computers without subsequent installation.


graph TD C[ ]-->D( ) C[ ]-->F( ) C[Manual Windows Installation]-->H( ) E[ ] --> K(Only you can use it.
Another user cannot and must re-install it.) G[ ] --> L(All users on that machine can use it.
Good for for network users.) I[ ] --> M(User can move around to any computer.
Application and Data File are in USB.) D[Non-Admin-Install?] --> E(Select Just Me in Stage 1-Step 6) F[Admin-Install?] --> G(Select All Users in Stage 1-Step 6) H[USB / Portable Install] --> I(Select USB Mode in Stage 1-Step 6)


Enterprise Installation

Silent installation is an automated process used in Networked environments with multiple computers. It is the fastest way to deploy and uninstall StoryServer with minimal downtime.


graph TD C[Enterprise Windows Deployment]-->H( ) H[Silent Installation with Network-wide settings] --> I(Deployed for all users and all computers.)


Which method is right for me?

  • If you are going to install it on your own computers, it will take less than a minute at most and Manual installation is more appropriate.

  • If you are going to install on many computers, it’ll be a hassle to manually install StoryServer on many computers, unless you want to spend time on each computer installing one-by-one. Thus, Silent installation or Enterprise Deployment is more appropriate.

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