On this page you’ll learn:

  • Direct support using discord Forums

  • Which method to use to contact support

  • How to contact us for corporate sales

  • Where to find workarounds or quick solutions

Direct support

Please use our forum. There is both chat and voice-chat.

Frequently Asked Question Pages

Corporate Sales

Social Media

Our blog is on Medium. Announcements are on Facebook and Twitter.

Contact Methods


graph TD A -- Sales Discussion --> C A -- Urgent Bugs --> D A -- Solution Found? --> E A -- Need to discuss --> B A[How should you contact us?] subgraph Chat B[Discord] end subgraph Email C[Corporate Email] D[Email] end E[FAQ or updated Docs on this site]



graph TD A[Social Media Guide] A -. See what's going on .-> D A -. Latest News .-> E A -. Reading Material .-> F E[Medium] D[Twitter, Facebook] F["Documentation (this site)"]


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