Enterprise Deployment

On this page, you’ll learn:

  • What Enterprise or Silent Install is

  • Tools or software used for Enterprise Deployment.

  • How to configure StoryServer for fast deployment.

  • Microsoft SMS Deployment.

  • How to add your own firm’s branding to StoryServer.

What is Enterprise Deployment?

Enterprise Deployment is using automated-deployment software, such as, Microsoft System Management Server "SMS", Symantec WinInstall "WI" , Symantec Wise Install Master "WIM", or enterprise deployment software.

Enterprise Deployment is otherwise known as silent-install.

There are three stages in Enterprise Deployment:

  1. Authoring a custom silent install script over network, including default settings, per-user default settings, customer-specific branding and DRM-rights.

  2. Installing via network deployment via MSI or SMS or WI or WIM or other deployment software.

  3. Automated un-install and re-installs for new version.


graph TD C[Enterprise Windows Deployment]-->H( ) H[Silent Installation with Network-wide settings] --> I(Deployed for all users and all computers.)


Good for…​

  • Estimated customer size: more than 10+ users, usually 100+, 500+ users per organization.

  • The organization hires IT support and has employees who do computer imaging, re-installs and front-line tech-support.

  • Require interaction with Microsoft System Management Server "SMS" or multi-deployment software tool.

  • Companies that require MSI-based software tools.

Last updated: 2019 Jan 19th 05:08:06