DDE Tutorial

On this page, you’ll learn:

  • How to use DDE

  • How to use DDE functions

To connect to StoryServer, you use DDE.

Start a DDE instance.

To talk to StoryServer, you use a StoryServerDDE instance:

from StoryServerDDE import SSDDE

api = EccoDDE() The EccoDDE constructor accepts the following keyword-only arguments, which are used only if an initial attempt to contact EccoPro fails:

Which commands are supported?

StoryServer implements an API-compatible DDE API which is both function-name, procedure-name, syntax-compatible compatible with Ecco.

Examples are given for almost all API calls.

DDE Constant – FolderTypes

StoryServer maintains API compatibility and add it’s own data-types.

In ordinal terms

Detect StoryServer for DDE

Detection is ‘Installation Check’. or check whether StoryServer exists or not. Notice "StoryServer does not use any Windows Registry nor ActiveX nor COM Objects.

How to detect if StoryServer is Installed

Step 1 - Detect %ProgramData% Folder.

Step 2. Append “\StoryServer\”



Path of the product

Version Number

Default.JS Default-Settings for user

Step 3. Open StoryServer.JS

Step 4. Start the DDE process How to detect if StoryServer is running

There are two methods to detect – via FindWindow and Mutex FindWindow Method

Mutex Method

In the MutexMethod, you find a semaphore

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