Check for new Updates, Getting Updates

There are four stages in Windows Installation:

Stage 4 - Getting Updates (you are reading this)


  • How to update StoryServer

On this page, you’ll learn:

  • How to update StoryServer

  • How to check version of StoryServer locally on your computer vs. on-line available to download.


Update 1
Figure 1. Update 1
  1. Close this dialog.

  2. View updates made to StoryServer. (See also: Version History.)

  3. Check for updates will check on-line servers for new updates.

Auto-Updates - after news is updated.

Update 2
Figure 2. Update 2

After clicking or touching Check for updates, StoryServer will download update news.

  1. The Update Program button is enabled.

Restart app

Magic Menu
Figure 3. Update 3
  1. Copy contents of this message-box to clipboard.

  2. Close the application and update itself (See: Installation).

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