Windows Menu

On this page, you’ll learn:

  • Purpose of the Windows Menu.

  • How to select open files.

Windows Menu Selection

The Windows Menu displays a listing of all open documents. The active document has a check mark beside it.

Figure 1. Windows Menu
  1. Unselected Untitled file - Unsaved file

  2. Unselected Filename #2 - Opened file that is not the current file.

  3. Selected Filename #3 - Current file

How to select open files

In order to select open files, press Alt+W, 1..9.

To select file #1., press Alt+W, 1.

Figure 2. Windows Menu

To select file #2., press Alt+W, 2.

Figure 3. Windows Menu

After selecting a file, the selected or active document has a checkmark besides it.

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