USB Mode

On this page, you’ll learn:

  • What is USB Mode.

  • What the differences in USB mode are.

  • How to enable or disable USB mode.

What is USB-Mode?

USB-Mode is a mode where StoryServer will store all data in it’s directory. This includes both internal and external data StoryServer uses.

How to enable USB mode?

Please place the configuration file, app.js in the same folder as the EXE file.

What directories are used by StoryServer to read and write data?

Directory Purpose User-Specific USB Mode


Public data


within USB Drive

C:\Program Files\PolywickStudio\StoryServer\



within USB Drive




within USB Drive



Specific to user

within USB Drive


Private Data

Specific to user

within USB Drive

What is the difference between Application Mode and USB Mode?

- Application Mode USB Mode

Data Storage

Data is stored in different locations

App + Data + AppData is stored inside USB drive.

Folder read/write

USB Mode cannot be initialized when contained in \Program Files\ OR file-location is read-only

USB Mode can be initialized when folder is read+write, USB Mode is reverted when folder is read-only.

HTTPS mode

Server mode can be enabled.

Server mode is disabled.

Method of Access

Start Menu, Desktop Icon.

Via File-Explorer

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