File Extensions

On this page, you’ll learn:

  • File Extensions Used.

Main File Extensions

File Extension Purpose


Polywick Story Server File


Polywick Story Server Template (used for File


Backup File


User-specific setting


Master File


Fragment (for Sync)

Scripting Files

File Extension Used Files for Scripting


Lua File


Batch File


RunAs, Executable

What is a PLWT file?

A PLWT file contains only parameter and selected settings

Traditional EccoPro File PLW File PLWT File

Calendar + Selected Calendar

Calendar data

Selected Calendar ID (64-bit ID)

Notepad + Selected Notepad

Notepad data

Selected Notepad ID (64-bit ID)

Phone-book + Selected Phone-book

Phone-book data

Selected Notepad ID (64-bit ID)

Folder + Item + Selected Folder, Selected Item (if not visible), Auto-Assign + Printer Layout, Selected Items Hoist data, Item Focus IDs, Temporary Touch-up IDs and Touch-up font data, Temporary

Outline data
Folder + Item, Auto-Assign, Printer Layout, Touch-up font data, Outline data…​ and so on

Selected Folder, Selected Items, Auto-Assign Selection, Item Hoist, Item Focus, Temporary Touch-up Data…​ and so on.

Deletion Data stored inside until compacted

When deleted, all data is lost

When deleted, the tab ID is set to 3 (First Notepad), 8am, first phone-book entry.

When deleted, all data is lost

When deleted, all data is lost

Can be deleted and will be re-generated.

Updated when Index and data is added or changed or deleted

When data is added, edited or deleted.

Anytime the selected items on notepad, columns, folders, database changes.


Data is visible to all users.

Data is specific to each user.

Temporary Data is stored in main file

Not stored

Temporary Data

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