On this page, you’ll learn:

  • How to import data

  • How to export data

  • How to archive and/or compact StoryServer documents

  • How to scramble StoryServer documents.

Import …​

Figure 1. File > Import
  1. Open a file to import.

  2. Add a marker.

  3. Remove marker

  4. Remove all markers.

  5. Select a notepad to import to.

  6. Add imported data to bottom of notepad?

  7. Add imported data after currently selected item.

  8. Same level as selected item.

  9. As sub-items to selected item.

  10. Import columnar data.

  11. Create new column using Mail-Merge data.

  12. Match column names if found.

  13. Choose columns, instead.

  14. Select columns to import to.

  15. Import selected file.

  16. Cancel this dialog box.

Export …​

Figure 2. File > Export
  1. All items in view.

  2. Selected item only.

  3. Selected items and sub-items.

  4. All items and view. (everything).

  5. Export file to.

  6. Select columns.

  7. Cancel this dialog box

  8. Export data to a file.

Archive or Compact…​

Figure 3. File > Archive
  1. Archive items. If disabled, it will not archive items.

  2. Remove data after a certain date.

  3. Export file to.

  4. Remove items after archivng.

  5. Compact database to save memory.

  6. Cancel this dialog box.

  7. OK

Figure 4. File > Archive
  1. If checkbox is unchecked, the archive groupbox is disabled.


This dialog will cause the current file to be scrambled with goobly-gook.

  1. Enter the word 'SCRAMBLE FILE' in order to continue.

  2. The button Scramble File is disabled.

Figure 5. File > Scramble
  1. When the text 'SCRAMBLE FILE' is entered, the button 2 Scramble File is enabled.

Figure 6. File > Scramble
  1. If scramble file is enabled, user can then click OK.