Future Roadmap

2019 Q2 Scheduled Items

  • There is a request to use Xenforo. This isn’t a priority and maybe done in Q2 2019 or Q3 2019.

Future wish-list

  • There’s a possibility of implementing hidden features - off-line and re-sync (File|Master File) found in Ecco-Pro 4.xx, - groupware similar to Lotus Notes - micro-file-sharing, team-rooms, shared Notepads, shared-contact-lists (albeit rudimentary) and group meetings feature.

  • REST API Server instead of Network DDE and/or FairCOM Embedded Server.

  • Text Editor mode for distraction-free editing.

  • Sticky-notes interface

  • Photo-Gallery mode for embedded pictures.

  • Alarms in different time-zones

  • Gantt within the outline… That’s a tough one.

  • Mac version, iOS and Android versions.